There is an enormous amount of interest for Lead Crystal Batteries. Not only data centers, for example, wheelchair builders and ProRail and Siemens are very interested in this new battery technology, including journalism has become an eye for this revolutionary new technology. Lead Crystal indeed fits well within the trend of renewable electricity and the green battery for storage of green energy.

As real power specialist, Elfa Elementenfabriek was approached by the brand new RTL4 program 'Dare to Ask' (Dutch television). One of the viewers wondered how electricity gets into a battery. Elfa answers various questions through a basic lesson in chemistry for the presenter and television audience.

The tenth edition of Rail-Tech took place from 17 to 19 March 2015 at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Rail-Tech is the largest rail exhibition in the Benelux and offers an international platform where technology and rail professionals meet each other. One of those professionals that year was Elfa Elementenfabriek.

Lead crystal's success keeps growing. And so does the range. New additions include the special UPS batteries like the 6-HCNFJ-9.0. UPS systems often require high output power over a brief period of time. The standard deep cycle range lead crystal batteries have a long lifespan and high cycle capacity, but fall short as far as this short-term power is concerned. This is all to do with the plates used in the battery: these are thicker and specifically made for cycling.

World renowned flashlight manufacturer Maglite has just announced the long awaited LED upgrade to their Mag Charger system – the Maglite MagCharger LED rechargeable system. This LED rechargeable will replace the halogen model that has been the standard for years. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications:

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