US Lighting manufacturer Maglite just announced a new addition to their popular line of MagTac tactical flashlights – the Maglite Mag Tac Rechargeable flashlight.  Let’s get right into the performance specifications!

New batteries and chargers

Lead Crystal batteries are the highest performance lead batteries in the world. So it's entirely logical that they are sought after for an increasingly wide range of applications. This has resulted in specific Lead Crystal batteries being developed especially for use in golf carts and UPS systems. The range of batteries continues to grow. Furthermore, a series of (surprisingly affordable) Lead Crystal battery chargers has been added to the range. Making optimum use of the batteries' qualities entails adhering to a specific charging strategy. High-end chargers can provide this as can these new Lead Crystal chargers.

Jotron: light for the maritime market

In Norway, Jotron manufactures a very wide range of maritime lighting products. Typical applications are markers for various types of fishing nets, fish farms, offshore installations, lifebuoys and lifeboats. The lamps are utilised around the world by the police, fire brigades, oil companies, fishermen, maritime rescue services and aquaculture businesses. Jotron's LED lamps are known for their incredible durability (unbreakable) and also because of their fabulous sealing. If you'd like to know more about the famous TRON lamps the company makes, you can get in touch with Elfa.

MICA handlamp for use in explosion-hazardous areas

The Finnish MICA has developed a huge reputation when it comes to rechargeable professional handlamps. The firm has very recently expanded its range with a new lamp for use in high explosion-risk environments (Zone 1 and 2 gas/21 and 22 dust). Elfa Elementenfabriek has had an intensive relationship with MICA since the latter was founded and is therefore suitably proud to be able to launch the new ML-808 ATEX on the Dutch market. The ML-808 ATEX allows Elfa to market a new class of handlamp for companies in the (petro)chemical, sewage treatment and offshore industries as well as tank installation and paint spraying companies. The lamps are also suitable for companies where there is a lot of dust who often face regulations pertaining to the use of lighting and handlamps. This is truly a Finnish quality product with unique properties.

Driverless Floodlights

We can definitely call the LED Floodlights made by Led’s Light Pro innovative products; the range now covers five LED floodlights for professional use, manufactured in Germany. The innovative aspect is it being driverless, but is directly connected to 230-Volt mains electricity.

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